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Artist Bio

Rowaida Hakim

Rowaida Hakim is a visual artist based in Dubai - United Arab Emirates . Working in an abstract and expressionist style, her paintings capture the world around her through vibrant colors, gestural brushstrokes and intricate with gold leafs.

Rowaida began creating her art at the age of seven years old. During her childhood she was drawn to working in a variety of mediums, including painting, ceramic, jewelry, beadwork an also, gold. She was always pulled to working with gold. She loved its scintillating appearance and vibrant luster.

A self-taught artist, Rowaida never stopped creating her art. Ten years ago she began incorporating gold leaf again in her paintings—placing it within her colorful canvases. Rowaida uses gold to decorate her paintings and also, sometimes, as a paint itself. At times whole parts of her canvases are filled with gold offering a fascinating juxtaposition with other colors that incorporates.

“Painting is my ticket to travel to different worlds,” says Rowaida. “I use my painting to journey to happy places that are full of love and peace. “It’s my tool to deliver positive messages to the world and share happiness, kindness and love.”

Viewers of Rowaida’s work will notice that her subject matter draws heavily from nature around her. She loves to capture the trees, flowers and animals that render the world before her beautiful. In terms of her artistic inspiration Rowaida says, “Everything that is beautiful, successful or makes me happy or feel good from inside inspires me and my artistic ideas stem from that inspiration.”

Rowaida does not abide by a certain technique. She works predominantly in acrylic paint and gold leaf, copper and silver leaf as well as often incorporates pencil with acrylic in her new collections in addition to touches of metal leafs.

By November 2018 had a solo exhibition of her work at Sotheby’s in Dubai and May 2019 Solo Exhibition at Rowaida Interiors HQ Dubai ,  October 2019 at Carousel Du Louvre Paris and is currently in the midst of preparing for upcoming shows in Dubai and in London.

As the owner of Rowaida Interiors, one of the emirate’s high-end design companies specialized in luxury interiors, Hakim has been selling her paintings directly to Art collectors from her interior design clients  for years. However, the exhibition was a way for the artist, who also owns several real estate companies, to share with the world “the happiness, positivity and love” she paints in her works.

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